About Us

Time is a precious and irreplaceable resource. And modern people as no one else understand and appreciate the importance of time. In the 21st century tons of gadgets have come into the world to make life easier and help people to get as many things done as possible during the day. One of such useful devices has become a garment steamer - a faithful assistant in a daily life and professional activities.

Steamers are ideal for home and professional use because they are able to iron and disinfect all types of fabrics (synthetic, silk, cotton, wool, etc.) without leaving spots or tracks on the clothes. They can give the clothes the desired appearance in a short space of time, for example after transportation, and will simplify the process of preparation clothing for sale that is surely an important thing for successful sales.

​Doubtless, a clothes steamer will be a great help for housewives, especially for busy moms, and punctual businessmen, employees working in the area of clothing and fabrics, as well as hotel owners.

If you want to make your nearest and dearest glad by a stylish, modern and useful gift, the steamer is a very good option! Every day a number of steamer fans has been growing. These people have already experienced the economic benefits and easy usage of this device.​

And our website Steamer specialists will help you find answers to both the most common and rare questions about the fabric steamers. Our competent and experienced steamer experts have investigated modern trends in the world of the Ironing equipment and analyzed different models of steamers on market for a long time, so you can save your time and effort searching for the best garment steamer.

On our website you will find a wide range of steamers that millions people fell in love with!​

We write about popular models of all types of steamers - from handheld to professional. We will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of the various steamer types, will talk about the way to choose a good garment steamer.​

Our Mission

The main goal and the mission of the “Steamer Specialists” is to help you make things right in the world of steamers, so you can always look great and have more time for family and friends.​

You can buy the steamer with the optimal set of features that will definitely simplify and speed up the process of Ironing, it will save your time and budget and as a result improve your life and mood.​

We are confident that the steamer will do its duty for a long time at expense of innovative technologies and bring cosiness and comfort in your home.​

Our advantages​

  • The site provides information about all types of steamers: handheld, portable, stationary, and professional
  • We inform about all types of steamers with a professional review and reviews from the real owners
  • We give you detailed instructions on how to quickly and easily choose the best garment steamer

We are here to make you having more time for your favorite people, important things and fun! We love to hear that you are successful and happy.

We get efficient Ironing technology across to the people who appreciate their time and care about appearance. Millions of people have already appreciated these modern and handy devices. That’s time for your turn!​


If you have any questions regarding dealings with our website, please send us an email at hello [at] steamerspecialists [dot] com.