Accidents Happen: The Best Ways to Clean Carpets

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Despite all of your efforts in maintaining cleanliness, there will always be that time when your carpet will become the sad victim of spills, drops, accidents and whatever dirt that you bring in with you on your shoes. There are different ways to clean your carpets. You can either do it on your own or refer to professional services for assistance.

Here are some ways in which carpets can be cleaned:

Do not rub the stains, blot them

Rubbing the stains will only spread them all around the carpet. Rather than doing this, you can dab the stains using a cleaning solution, as well as paper towels, a clean cloth, or a cleaning sponge. The secret here is blotting the stain right way. The process involves putting a good amount of pressure towards the stain, soaking it up.

On the other hand, rubbing only results in the particles getting into the fibers of the carpet, which can even lead to the premature breakdown of such fibers. Blot the stain starting from the outside, going inward. Doing it the other way around will only spread the stain.

Use Club Soda

Club soda is a very effective solution that can deal with stains, such as those caused by wine and beer. However, more than the actual substance, doing it the right way is also important. You can start by blotting the area using soda.

If this does not work, you can combine a solution composed of part white vinegar, part water, spraying it onto the stained area and allowing it to sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. This process may have to be repeated in order to completely remove the stain.

Use Shaving Cream

You may not know it, but shaving creams have the ability to remove just about any type of stain. The shaving cream can be directly applied to the stain, and allowed to sit there for around 30 minutes. After the cream has set, you can start blotting it away with the use of a dry cloth. You can then finish the process by spraying the stained area with a combination of vinegar and water, wiping it away with a cloth.

Rescue with Hydrogen Peroxide

There are certain carpet stains that are quite obvious. For instance, blood stains can turn out to be challenging to deal with, but hydrogen peroxide can get the blood out easily. First, you can start by loosening up the dried blood with a combination of water and mild detergent.

Afterward, you can scrape off blood from the fibers. In order to get the remaining stains, you can apply hydrogen peroxide to the stain directly. The solution can immediately create foam when it directly contacts the stain. In order to dry the carpet, you can dab the hydrogen peroxide using towels.

Organic Cleaning Options

Even pets that are well-trained are still causing an accidents from time to time resulting in stains on your carpet. Rather than using harmful solutions, it is highly recommended to use organic cleaners instead. This is partly to protect the safety of your pets, preventing them from getting exposed to these harmful solutions.

There are organic solutions that are currently available on the market these days. All you have to do is to spray the cleaner directly on the stain. You may have to do some light scrubbing. These solutions are usually effective, not just on common stains, but also on sauces and coffee.

Clean Carpet by Regular Deep Cleaning

Making sure that your carpets are clean is very important in order to make sure that they stay looking new and fresh. Aside from making sure that stains on the carpet are removed as quickly as possible, maintenance is as important. This can be done by regular deep cleaning.

One process that can assure carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. The process involves the use of a cleaning solution that is under pressure. It is usually injected deeper into the carpet with the use of a water-jet nozzle.

Afterward, the machine will extract the solution together with the debris and dirt from the carpet. The water will be absorbed into the fibers, deep down into the backing, loosening up any soil that may be embedded.

It will also take care of the grease deposits, removing oil if necessary. As a result, you will get a carpet that is not just cleaner, but also healthier. Deep cleaning of carpets should be done at least once every six months, especially for a household with four or more members.

If this is the option that you can take, you can either hire the assistance of a professional, or a do it your own process. If you choose the latter, you can ensure the quality of the output by making sure that you get the best cleaner possible.