Best Steam Mop For Laminate, Tile And Hardwood Floors

If you want a versatile steam mop to use on laminate, tile or hardwood floors, the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe is your top choice. When it comes to steam cleaning our floors, this great product is our way to go.

What's the best steam mop for my floor?Cleaning laminate, tile and hardwood floors can be difficult. When you have a great looking floor, the last thing that you want to do is not clean it properly. While sweeping or mopping can help you keep your floor clean, there is nothing that compares to using a good steam mop. Regular mops have a tendency to become filled with dirt and grime over time. In fact, you have probably had to change your water bucket 4 – 5 times while cleaning even a small space.

Unfortunately, we have tried using regular mops in the past only to find that they simply do not compare to the steam mops. The beauty behind a steam mop is the fact that they come with features so that you never have to get down on your knees and scrub the floor again. Furthermore, the best steam machines will hold water in two separate canisters so that you never waste time dumping out buckets of water again. This means dirty water is always separated from the clean water needed to really scrub your floors clean.

​Before diving in and buying one for yourself, we need to explain the importance behind choosing the right steam mop for your particular flooring.

Best Steam Mops Comparison Table

*A higher value is better for you


Steam mop

Cord length


Tank Capacity


Heat Up Time




Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, 313A

Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, 313A

Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop

Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop

BISSELL Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 80K6

BISSELL Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 80K6

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop

Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501

Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501

HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer

HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer

HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer


The Importance of Choosing the Right Steam Mop for Your Floor​

As we all know, some mops simply do not work as well as others. When you want to find the absolute best choice for your floor, you need to know what your mop of choice has to offer. We have tested numerous mops and know that some models simply surpass others in the quality of the clean they provide as well as their functionality.

Here is a checklist that we use when trying to determine which mop to choose for our own floors:​

Steam Mop Important Features Checklist
  • Floor Type: If a mop is only rated to work with tile, never use it on your hardwood floor.
  • Usability: Water containers are ideal, but for smaller floors, it may not be a necessity.
  • Weight: The weight of the product should not exceed 20 – 25 pounds. Anything else will leave you tired after cleaning.
  • Cord Length: a 20-foot cord may be good for most rooms, but definitely not the ideal choice for overly large rooms.

Everything else chosen is merely a preference. If you want a mop that allows for a fragrance to be used or has different cleaning modes, this is a preference from one model to the next.

Above all else, you want a model that works well for your floor. Read reviews, ensure the price is just right and always choose a well-known brand.​

The Top 3 Best Steam Mops on the Market​

We’ve selected the top steam mops that are great for laminate, tile and hardwood floors. The following 3 mops have been tested by us and have met our stringent qualifications to be added to our list.​

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

The Hoover FloorMate is the best of the best when it comes to floor steaming. Known for their quality products, Hoover has surpassed every expectation that we have and made the absolute best steamer on the market today.

Let’s take a look at why we choose this as our #1 choice among steamers.​​

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner
Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Brushes


  • Gentle brushes that scrub to perfection
  • Dual tanks to separate clean and dirty water
  • 1.5-quart tank, which means faster cleaning
  • Nozzle that provides suction to quickly dry floors
  • Cleans any flooring type and can use detergent for extra cleaning power


  • You must clean floors slowly especially when going from one flooring type to the next
  • Corners are difficult to maneuver
  • Tile and grout floors seem to not get as clean as others

The FloorMate works very well and the dual tanks are definitely a major reason to buy this model. The drying nozzle is great, and there are brushes included for each flooring type. Our only complaint is that getting into corners and going from one floor to the next is a slow process.

Bottom Line

If you have laminate or wood flooring, this is definitely our top choice. Tile flooring can be very tricky to get fully clean with this model. We found that adding in detergent and moving across the floor slowly seemed to get tile the cleanest.​

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell is a name that everyone knows. When it comes to cleaning power, there are a lot of great products that have come to fame under the Bissell brand. While not as robust as the FloorMate, the PowerFresh is a more affordable option that is good for all the floors and provided us with immense cleaning power on virtually every floor we tested it on.

Our #2 choice features:​

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop in work


  • Easy scrubber designed to reach deep into grout
  • Steam controller to choose the power needed for any mess
  • Fragrance discs to make your floor smell good
  • Easy-to-remove tank
  • Mop head that allows for cleaning in corners


  • Some users, not our experience, have noted that their steamer stopped working

While not including the bells and whistles of our #1 pick, the PowerFresh more than makes up for its slight lack of features with immense cleaning power. The scrubbers ensure that this model can clean even grout or tile with virtual ease.

Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, 313A

The Eureka Enviro is an entry-level cleaner that provides you with extreme cleaning power at a price that you simply cannot pass up. This model is not teeming with features, but every feature included ensures the utmost in cleaning power.

Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer


  • Offers a constant steam design
  • Steams and cleans without chemicals
  • Water level indicator
  • Adjustable handle
  • Measuring cup and steam pads
  • It features a thick extra-large Magic Cloth to effectively absorb dirt and water
  • Safety settings for the water tray
  • Amazing abilities to clean corners and edges


  • Water leaks frequently
  • The steam produced is not hot enough
  • Magic cloth might get smaller if dried on high heat in a dryer
Advantages of using the Eureka Enviro on Hard Surface Floors

Steam mops will be an excellent substitute for the mops that your grandmother and mother used to clean floors in the past. With steam mops such as Eureka Enviro 313, you don’t need a water bucket and separate mop. Steam mops are really effective in removing dirt, scuffs and germs from hard surface floors without leaving any chemical deposits behind.

There are many advantages of using the steam mops instead of the standard bucket and water mops. The steam mops will be gentle enough to clean all types of hardwood floors, marble and laminate flooring. Since they are built to dry floors faster, you don’t have to worry about water destroying your hard floor. They also come with built-in water bucket for your added convenience.

When you are using a regular mop, your water will get dirty. This means that you are continually wetting the mop and using the dirty mop to clean the floor. With small kids and pets in the home, you will be exposing them to chemicals and dirty water. The steam mops provide a much cleaner and well-sanitized method. This unit can heat up the water to an incredible 130 degrees Celsius. When the water is heated to this degree, the mop will kill all germs and bacteria while it cleans to leave a spotless floor. In addition to killing germs and bacteria, the steam will prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

The Enviro Steamer will work magic on surfaces to remove dirt and stuck-on particles from floors. The swivel handle and low profile make it easy to clean around corners and under cabinets. The magic cloth cleaning pad that is stored in the top section of the unit offers the best mop to clean edges. The continuous steam can remove cereal that has been plastered on the floor and give a spotless floor for toddlers to play on.

The cool down and heat up foam tray protect floors. This device can easily be filled up with a funnel and measuring cup. There is an indicator light that will show if the unit should be refilled. Even though manufacturer’s guidelines state that the magic cloth must be rinsed and placed on the line to dry in order to avoid shrinking, it can be placed in the washing machine using gentle cycle prior to hanging it on the line and dried on a low-temperature setting.

Bottom Line​

The Enviro is a good entry-level cleaner, but some models simply seem to break after extended use. When we tested this model, it took a little while to get used to the water leaking out everywhere, but it still provided a decent clean.

We noticed that if you let the water heat up for 8 – 10 minutes, the steam produced will be much hotter and you will be able to clean your floors more thoroughly as a result. The leaking also ceased when we let it heat up for a while. If you have some patience, this is definitely the most affordable of the 3 listed and does a great job of cleaning hardwood and tile floors.​

Even more Steam Mop Reviews

Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop Review

Hoover Twin-Tank Steam Mop

Hoover Twin-Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop is possibly the most recent and highly revolutionized steam mop that has crept into household cleaning in style. The recent past has proved it to be the best steam mop for tile, wooden, vinyl and laminated floors’ cleaning as well as cleaning and refreshing carpets. A major feature that has put it on the cutting edge and made it amass high steam mop ratings is its twin-tank feature that engages a disinfectant and steam separately. One may opt to use the multi-purpose disinfectant alongside steam cleaning or use the steam alone and later use the pure disinfectant if need be, eventually getting rid of up to 99 percent of harmful bacteria strains. Both the multi-purpose disinfectant and the pure disinfectant are biodegradable and non-toxic and are readily available in Hoover Product Stores and its affiliated shopping sites.

Hoover Twin-Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop Features​

  • Features an 8-ounce disinfectant tank and a 16-ounce steam tank which are both removable
  • Has a triangular swivel to ease working on room corners and around bathroom tabs and toilet bowls
  • Features a ball-joint between the swivel and the handle base which makes it highly ergonomic and easy to use under furniture.
  • Has a tuning dial to variedly set the cleaner at different cleaning modes with regard to the nature of the stains
  • Has a power indicator to show when the water in the tank steams up and gets ready for use
  • The control trigger is handily positioned at the base of the hand grip handle for ease in controlling the rate of steam and disinfectant release
  • Comes in a docking tray for easy storage and also provides a place to rest the hot swivel when cleaning needs to be momentarily stopped
  • Comes with a set of three machine-washable microfiber cleaning pads, one of it being fenestrated to facilitate disinfection and carpet gliding
  • Features an approximately 30 ft power cord for extensive coverage without the nuisance of switching between sockets
  • Is very light, barely exceeding 11 pounds thus very friendly to work on

Our Verdict from reviews and weighed Hoover Twin-Tank Steam Mop Ratings

Despite the fact that the Hoover Twin-Tank Steam Mop is a new branded product in the market, its ratings are overwhelming, with a majority of its reviews from household appliances shopping sites hitting at 67% 5-star rating and 30% 4-star rating. Outlined below are some of the major pros that have made it amass such impressive ratings making it the best steam mop for tile, wooden and vinyl floors.

Advantages of the Hoover Twin-Tank Steam Mop

  • Easy to assemble – The assembly of this steam mop machine is quite easy as one is only needed to fix the handle on the triangular swivel, fix the power cable and get to the task.
  • Fast Steaming – Once powered, it takes a very short time for the machine-ready button to light up which makes it very convenient and time saving.
  • Lightweight nature – The approximately 11-pound steam mop gets down well with extensive cleaning. A majority of the users expressed their delight in the ease of pushing it around and the working from an upright posture which highly reduces fatigue.
  • Easy to customize – Unlike most of the other steam mops, Hoovers Twin-Tank Disinfectant Steam Mop features a control knob which makes it easy to customize the machine to a specific need. Tuning it to the “Tough Stain” mode only when one is working on the tough stains and turning it back to normal cleaning mode saves a lot on the disinfectant.
  • Perfect grip on the microfiber cleaning pads – The hook and loop system used to lock the pad on the swivel proves to be very satisfactory. Some of the users testified that their intentional attempts to disengage the pad from the swivel while cleaning were futile, and this makes the piece the best steam mop for tile and grooved wooden floor cleaning.

Bottom Line​

However, a few users expressed their concerns on the narrow openings of the tanks. Even though one can pull the tanks off when filling them with water or disinfectant, the narrow openings seem to be a bit of a nuisance, especially when trying to dry them after cleaning. All in all, the good sides of the machine outrange its downside which makes it a worthy purchase and an eminent cleaning appliance.

BISSELL Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 80K6 Review

Hoover Twin-Tank Steam Mop

Shopping around for a great and reliable steam mop these days can be quite challenging, especially considering the market is flooded with mediocre products disguised as attractive cleaning equipment. As far as top rated steam mops go, the Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 80K6 is one to watch out for. To find out whether this unit has what it takes to fulfill your individual cleaning needs, it is necessary to take a closer look at its benefits as well as possible drawbacks, if there are any.

BISSELL Steam Mop Select Features​

  • Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 45.2 inches
  • Total Shipping Weight: 7.8 pounds
  • Included in the package are the following items: 2 Washable microfiber mop pads (one soft, and one with built-in scrub strips), 17 Ounce removable tank and Swivel Mop

Advantages of the BISSELL Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 80K6

  • 100% Chemical Free Cleaning. The best steam mops are those designed for all-natural cleaning, which excludes the use of any and all synthetic substances. The Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium 80K6 is specifically designed to utilize water and turn it to clear steam for picking up dust and dirt. This is ideal not only for the people and animals in the household but also for the environment since there is no harmful chemical residue that can pollute the air.
  • Highly Maneuverable Swivel Mop. Many are not convinced that steam mops make a good choice in cleaning equipment mainly due to their bulk and weight. This unit, however, is exactly what you would want if you are looking for something light, nimble, and easy to use on any given day. Weighing in at less than 7 pounds (not including the attachments), this steam mop is exactly the handy tool everyone wishes they have in their broom closet. Working with a lightweight tool such as the Bissell Steam Mop Select Titanium would radically change the way you look at house cleaning.
  • Manual Steam Trigger. Another benefit that users can get from this nimble unit is the manual steam control, which allows you to limit and adjust the amount of steam that comes out of the mop based on the need. This is particularly helpful when tackling hard-to-clean surfaces or getting rid of hard stains.
  • Cost Effective. This unit comes with 2 washable pads that are specifically designed to work on different surfaces and various types of dirt. Since both pads can be washed and dried anytime, there will be no need to buy replacement mops at all. This is a huge plus especially for those who despise spending money on cleaning materials.
  • Long Lasting Equipment. The best steam mops are expected to last for many years as they are supposed to be made of durable materials. The Bissell Steam Select Titanium falls under this category since it is made of sturdy elements that can withstand wear and tear better than anything in the market today.

BISSELL Steam Mop Select Reviews

While many products are touted as among the best steam mops available today, only very few can deliver on what was advertised. The Bissell Steam Select Titanium 80K6 may look simple and understated but it performs like a pro, based on the feedback it received from many consumers. Top rated steam mops are generally expected to follow through on all types of cleaning needs, which is one of the things that people have seen from this unit.

Among the most common comment on the Titanium 80K6 is its lightweight body, which evidently makes cleaning a lot less taxing on the hands and back. Even elderly customers seem to be content using this steam mop because they need not exert so much effort while cleaning.

Other positive comments on the Bissell Steam Select Titanium are regarding its efficient cleaning capabilities. The manual trigger for the steam is especially lauded by consumers since it allows them to control the amount used depending on the floor type and the amount of dirt that needs to be cleared.​

The overall experience one can expect from this steam mop is one that is pleasant and satisfying. Even the most discerning consumer will certainly like having this equipment at his/her disposal.​

Bottom Line​

When buying of top-ranked steam mops, the Bissell Steam Select Titanium 80K6 should unmistakably be on the shortlist. Its efficiency, price, and overall power are all that intelligent and informed customers would want from a steam mop.

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Review

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop

The Bissell Steam Mop 1867, Green Tea offers a very nice alternative way to clean your floors without using harsh chemicals. Unlike a regular mop that uses a bucket of water, which quickly becomes filthy, the Bissell Steam Mop 1867 uses steam which dries very quickly so you won’t have to keep everyone out of the kitchen while the floor dries.

The Bissell Steam Mop is lightweight, easy to use, and the cleaning head swivels 360° making it easy to get to those hard-to-reach places. There is a built-in water filter to protect the machine itself from mineral buildup but also to prevent hard water stains on the surfaces you’re trying to clean. The reusable microfiber pads are safe on any sealed hard surface and are easy to clean by simply tossing them into the washing machine.

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Features

  • Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 42.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 17 pounds
  • Upright electric mop cleans hard-floor surfaces using steam only
  • Provides an all-natural deep clean without chemicals, fumes, or residues
  • 360-degree swivel mop head cleans hard-to-reach places
  • Includes two washable and reusable microfiber mop pads, an internal water filter, and quick-release cord wrap
  • 1-year limited warranty

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Overview

We have found 1000+ reviews for the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop and they are quite positive, the number of good reviews outweigh the number of bad reviews by more than 5 to 1.

There are a number of the things that people liked about this particular steam mop. The first and one the most obvious benefits is that it uses only water for cleaning, there is no need for harsh chemicals. Steam is able to sanitize surfaces without harming people, pets, or the environment. Although it uses water for cleaning, your floor will dry very quickly, in far less time than it would be using a standard mop. The Bissell 1867 Steam Mop is lightweight and easy to use.​

Another thing that people liked about this mop is that the microfiber cleaning pads do a great job of scrubbing your floor and when they are dirty they can be put into the washing machine and then they will be ready to be used again. The Bissell Steam Mop also has a swiveling head which makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles.​

There were a couple of drawbacks to this particular mop that a lot of people were concerned about. One was that the power cord is not as long as a lot of people would like. A longer cord would make it easier to clean your entire floor without unplugging the unit and plugging it in again. Another concern a lot of people had was that there were not enough cleaning pads included with this mop. A few extra cleaning pads would allow you to do more cleaning before doing a load of laundry before you could use the pads again.​

Bottom Line​

Despite a few minor concerns, most people were very pleased with the Bissell Steam Mop, giving it very good reviews and saying that they would confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a good way to keep their hard floors clean.

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop Review

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop

We wouldn’t be surprised if you went into a store, asked for a conventional cloth mop, and drew a blank. Gone are the days when cleaning used to be done by a conventional mop; it’s all about steam mops these days. They are fast replacing the older mops, and for good reason – there is no need of any external cleaning agents like bleaches, powders and chemicals – all you need is plain old water. It is important to choose the right steam mop to assist you in your day to day cleaning, and for that purpose, we have compared steam mops that are available in the market today and have reviewed some of the top steam mops to make your decision easier.

One of the best steam mops that you can find today is the Oreck Steam-It, a very lightweight and ultra portable steam mop that will clean just about anything for you. Featuring up to 15 jets that release steam at high speeds and concentrations, the Steam-It is the perfect steam mop for those on a budget and looking for an easy to use and carry steam mop. It is with this intent that we review today the Oreck Steam-It, one of the top steam mops available out there. This is a very sleek steam mop that heats up in just 30 seconds and provides you with a hassle free cleaning experience. Here are some of the main features of the Oreck Steam-It:

  • On a full tank, the Oreck Steam-It produces about 40 minutes of steam time, which is a lot of time if you are doing some heavy duty cleaning.
  • It can sanitize all kinds of surfaces, even hard floors, by focusing the steam produced onto the floor for just 5 seconds. And what’s more, it does this while mopping, so you don’t have to mop again to sanitize. You can do both of them at one go and hence, will able to save some good amount time and energy.

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop Features and Specification

  • Produces zero spillage of water. Plus, it works only on tap water.
  • No need to use any chemicals, so it is completely risk-free.
  • It cleans dirt, grime and grout very easily – it’s almost like child’s play.
  • It includes 4 attachments that allow you to clean fabrics, towels, upholstery and the like.
  • Steam settings can be adjusted to suit different cleaning surfaces.

These features will give you an insight into why the Oreck Steam-It is one of the top steam mops available today. We can tell you that it is since we have compared steams mops and also reviewed them. The Oreck Steam-It weighs just less than 10 pounds, so it can be used very easily by a person of any age. People find that steam mops are the best way to clean the grout off tiles, which can be a very big mess to clean if not done properly. These top steam mops will make your tiles, bathrooms and kitchen look like brand new, and in good time. This steam mop is the perfect choice if you are looking to clean your house yourself, without getting the professionals who charge a lot for cleaning that the Oreck Steam-It does for you for very less. Moreover, this steam mop is very durable, and will last for years without providing any trouble. You can own it for about $130-150, which is a very decent price for a product of this capability. You will save a lot of money in the long run, anyway.

The control knob on the Steam-It provides just the right amount of steam to clean every kind of surface, nothing less and nothing more. The knob is pre-programmed to be adjusted to floors, surfaces and fabrics, and by simply a touch of the hand, you can achieve the perfect level of steam to clean. Also, you can use just about any towel as a pad on the Steam-it, unlike the other steam mops, which require you to purchase specific pads.

Bottom Line​

We have compared steam mops in the market and arrived at this review. You can do a compare steam mops yourself and check the results if you wish. So if you are looking for an affordable steam mop that will do the job for you, we recommend going for the Oreck Steam-It.​

Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop Review

Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop

The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop uses steam technology along with a patented microfiber cleaning pad design to thoroughly clean your floors. A traditional mop will simply move dirty water around your floor but the cleaning pads that come with the Shark S3601 provide a lot of surface area for picking up dirt.

The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop has three steam settings to be used for various floor surfaces. You’ll be able to tackle stuck on dirt and clean heavy traffic areas, use a little less steam for everyday cleaning, or use the lowest setting for a bit of light dusting or when cleaning more delicate surfaces. The three different settings allow you to choose the perfect amount of steam for the job at hand and the steam comes out hot enough to clean and sanitize your floors and it dries in just a few seconds.

Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop Features

  • Dimensions: 12 x 6.7 x 28.7 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10 pounds
  • Intelligent 3 steam control settings, dust, mop and scrub allow you to select the perfect
  • Superior cleaning with no harsh chemicals
  • 2-Sided steam pockets clean and sanitize on both sides
  • Turns ordinary tap water into super-heated steam to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Triangle and rectangle mop heads to suit your cleaning task

The Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop looks pretty good but does it really live up to the hype? Unfortunately, during our research, we found the reviews to be fairly mixed. There are a good number of positive reviews but there are also quite a few very negative reviews. We found nearly 1000 reviews online and the average user rating was approximately 4.2 out of a possible 5 stars.

The people that left positive reviews had a number of things that they like about the Shark S3601. People are saying that it is very lightweight so it is easy to move from one room to another or to bring it up and down stairs. It has a very long cord so that you can clean a large area without stopping to unplug the mop. A lot of people commented that they like the three different steam settings and that the swiveling head made it easy to get into tight spaces or around objects like behind a toilet for example.​

A number of people also say that the Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop seems to be made pretty well and does not feel like a cheap piece of plastic. People are saying that it heats up quickly and that it does do a good job cleaning. One person said that it was able to remove stains from juice and other spills that they were not able to clean up with their regular mop.​

That all sounds good so far but like we said before there were quite a few negative reviews as well. A number of people are saying that the Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop doesn’t do a very good job of cleaning at all. One person said that after going over their floor in a high-traffic area the cleaning pad on the mop seemed to be very clean and it shouldn’t be because it’s supposed to be picking up all the dirt. When they went over the same spot with their regular mop their old mop came up pretty dirty. Another person said that the Shark S3601 did emit a lot of steam but it didn’t do much to clean anything. They said that all that really happened was that the floor got wet.​

Some other people are complaining that the mop does not last very long. One person said that they bought one that lasted about a year and that it worked decently while it worked. However, one day the bottom part of the mop flew off and steam and hot water came spraying out. They bought another one to replace the broken mop and their replacement mop never seemed to get very warm and after a few uses the steam started to come out of the sides of the tank rather than through the cleaning pads at the end of the mop.​

Bottom Line​

There are a number of good reviews online for the Shark S3601 Professional Steam Mop but there are far too many negative reviews to ignore. After researching all of the reviews online our recommendation would be to keep shopping and choose a different steam mop. There are a number of other steam mops available that are getting very good ratings from users online.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 Review

Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 lets you clean nearly any hard surface quickly and easily. You can put the harmful chemicals away and there’s no need to use a standard mop to slosh dirty water around your floors. The Shark Steam Mop uses steam to clean and sanitize your floor. Just add water, turn it on, and in about 30 seconds you are ready to use steam to cut through dirt and grime.

The Shart S3501 Steam Mop comes with two mop heads one that is rectangular and one in a triangle shape so that you can clean just about any area and easily get into corners. Included are four durable and reusable microfiber cleaning pads, one steam duster pad, one rectangle pad, one triangle pad, and one extra-large pad, all of which can be thrown into your washing machine and reused.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 Features

  • Dimensions: 51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.9 pounds
  • Lightweight steam mop for cleaning sealed hard-floor surfaces
  • Ready in 30 seconds; releases steam with push-forward motion of mopping
  • Includes 2 shapes of mop heads and 4 reusable microfiber cleaning pads
  • Carpet glider attachment enables you to lightly steam your carpet and area rugs for deodorizing and freshening
  • 1-year limited warranty

The reviews for the Shark Steam Mop are good with about three out of four people giving it a very high rating. When you take this mop out of the box all you need to do is attach the handle and no other assembly is required. All you have to do next is fill the reservoir with water, turn it on, and wait for it to heat up for about 30 seconds. It’s easy to use and does a great job of cleaning even the dirtiest floors. One reviewer stated that they had some people over (and kids) and at the end of the day the floor was pretty disgusting but the Shark Steam Mop did a great job of quickly cleaning it and no one would ever guess what it looked like just a few minutes earlier.

For tougher dirt and stains you may have to hold it in place a little longer to get a good cleaning but one reviewer stated that this mop was able to get out years of ground in dirt from their bathroom floor. This mop has a very long power cord so that you can get your entire floor done without changing outlets.​

Bottom Line​

A couple of people commented that this mop was a little bit difficult to push and pull and move around the floor. A few other negative comments came from people that used the machine for a few months and then had trouble with it. These types of comments were few and far between and the overall majority of the comments were positive with many people being very pleased with their purchase and with the results they get when they use the Shark Steam Mop.

HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer Review

HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer

The HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer allows you to clean your floors with the bacteria-killing power of steam. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals to get your floors clean and sanitized. The HAAN SI-60 has multiple steam settings so that you can choose a setting gentle enough for hardwood floors or powerful enough to clean high-traffic areas on tile or linoleum floors.

The HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer has a removable water tank so you can take it right over to your sink and fill it up. Once the water tank is full it snaps easily into place and it only takes about 20 seconds before it’s hot enough to produce steam. The HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer also features a telescoping handle so you can adjust the height for maximum comfort and collapse the handle for easier storage.

HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer Features

  • Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 11.8 x 50 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Swivel head for easy maneuvering
  • Carpet glide attachment sanitizes and refreshes carpet
  • Removable water tank can be easily filled right at the tap
  • Kills up to 99.9-percent of household germs, bacteria, and dust mites
  • Includes 2 reusable ultra-microfiber cleaning pads

When researching the reviews for the HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer we found a couple dozen reviews online and the user reviews were quite positive with this mop receiving an average 4.3-star rating. There were only a couple of negative reviews online one of which came from someone that received a defective item and said that there was some strange, loud clicking sound. The other negative review came from someone that had an issue with customer service. When they opened their box one of the cleaning pads was already dirty and they had a hard time getting the customer service representative to agree to send him a new one.

Aside from those two negative reviews all of the other comments about the HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer were very positive. A lot of the reviewers are saying that using the HAAN SI-60 is much easier than mopping. People also appreciate the fact that they don’t need to use harsh chemicals which are also expensive, they can just add water and start cleaning. People are commenting that the cord is nice and long and a lot of people appreciate the telescoping handle. The removable water tank makes it easy to refill the tank when necessary and the water heats up quickly allowing steam to come out of the 15 steam jets which evenly disperse the water across a wide cleaning path.

Those positive comments sound pretty good but does the HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer actually do a good job of cleaning your floors? After researching the reviews online the answer to that question would be a resounding yes. Many reviewers are very pleased with the way this mop cleans their floors but it can also be used on carpet and upholstery. One reviewer said that their dog had vomited on their sofa and that they tried four different times to clean the sofa with the upholstery attachment of their carpet shampooing machine. They said that the sofa looked clean but they simply could not get the smell out. After they bought the HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer they decided to use this steam mop on their sofa in a last ditch effort to save the couch. This person said that the steam was able to penetrate to where their shampooer could not and that it killed the bacteria that was causing the odor.​

Bottom Line​

The overwhelming majority of the reviews online are very positive and after researching all of the reviews we could find we would give the HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer a very strong recommendation.

HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer Review

HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

The HAAN brand is a global brand in the portable steam cleaning world! In this review of the HAAN Steam Mop, we will look at its packaging, design and build, usability and the best place to buy!

At first glance, the HAAN Steam Mop is a sleek looking cleaning machine. It’s black and red contoured design will look great in any house setting. There’s no need to hide this appliance in the closet, it will look great in any corner of the house!


The HAAN Steam Mop comes in a white / black packaging as see in the images below.​

The front of the box features the large HAAN logo and tagline “EXPERIENCE STEAM. DISCOVER CLEAN”. The benefits listed on the front of the box include:​

HAAN SI-70 Box

HAAN SI-70 Box

  • Features SMART Steam Technology
  • A removable / portable handheld steamer with versatile cleaning attachments
  • Kills up to 99.9% of germs without chemicals
  • Swivel Head for easy maneuvering
  • Carpet Glide attachment sanitizes and refreshes carpet
  • Easy to fill removable water tank
  • Carpet, Vinyl, Tile, Laminate, Hardwood

The effectiveness of a steam mop plus the versatility of a handheld steamer

HAAN Steam Quote on the box

The side of the box features a graphic representation of the steam mop with the following features:

  • Comfortable grip handle – Handle makes the unit easier & more comfortable to use.
  • Storage Hook – Store unit on a closet hook to free up floor space.
  • Stable Design – Unit can stand upright on its own.
  • Power Cord Organiser – Keeps power cord organized and up off the floor.
  • One Touch Release : Allows you to easily transition from steaming your floor to cleaning other areas of your home.
  • Sleek, Stylish Design.
  • Removable Water Tank: Can conveniently be removed to allow filling at a faucet.
  • Convertible Handheld unit : Adds versatility to steam clean anywhere in and around the house.
  • Locking Swivel Head – For easy maneuverability around floors and in corners.
  • 15 Powerful Steam Jets – Emits steam across the entire steam head for a wide cleaning path.

Design and Build

HAAN have done a very good job in designing this product to look good for the home. The swivel head provides a premium red color with the sleek black on the body and handle.

The rubber grip is sturdy and made of premium materials. The actual steam mop is quite tall, providing a long reach and faster cleaning of larger areas. The power cord is extra long and can me easily tied to the unit if you require a shorter length.

The portable steamer easily pops in and out with the press of a button and this is also the case with the water tank. The easiness of this is typical of premium products such as Miele Vacuums and HAAN Mops. The unit is built to stand upright by itself, so putting it away in the corner or the storeroom will be no problem. It also comes with a storage hook for cages or other hooking devices.​

The design looks great out of the box. The unit itself is robust, sturdy and made of premium materials.​


The HAAN steam mop can be used in its upright position or as the mini steamer. The upright position can be used on all hard floors including vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwood and carpet. The microfiber pads are used for hard floors, while the carpet glide attachment is used for carpet freshening and deodorizing.

Once you plug in the unit, you can press the ON button to start the warm up process that took a surprisingly short time. After 20 seconds of pressing the ON/OFF button, steam was delivered throughout the steam head. You can easily turn off the device by press the ON/OFF button again while the power is still plugged in.

In this review, we cleaned on all floors mentioned on the box. For hard floors including vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwood and carpet we attached the microfiber pad. For this, you can simply place the pad on the floor and put the swivel head on top the pad for easy attaching.

Simply, the HAAN Steam Mop gave a superb streak free finish to all hard floors. On inspection of the used microfiber pad, it also collected a lot of dirt and dust that could not be seen by the naked eye. The pad also detaches up, stepping on the corner and lifting the swivel head!Next, we attached the carpet glider and cleaned a large section of carpet. The result was a similar moistness to a professional carpet clean, however, it dried much more quickly, the carpets felt fresh and had light steam scent to them.​

We detached the water tank and filled it up at the sink and inserted it back. Another click later we had the portable handheld steamer out and ready to steam! The new extendable nozzle with mini swivel head makes it easy to clean tabletops and basins, while the nozzle allows for cleaning grout and hard to reach places.

It’s good to note that unlike other steam mops, the HAAN Steam Mop reaches 100 degrees Celcius at the tip of the nozzle. This high heat is extremely important as this is what it is used to kill bacteria and germs. When using the HAAN Steam Mop, you must be careful not to touch the steam with your bare hands or any other areas of your skin.

HAAN SI-70 hand held steamer

HAAN SI-70 hand held steamer

It works and it works well! The portable handheld steamer easily detaches and steams, the pads pick up dirt that cannot be seen by the naked eye and deodorizes carpet thoroughly.​

Overall Summary and Where to Buy

The HAAN Steam Mop is certainly a market favorite in the American steam mop industry. The design is professional and sleek, the quality of the build is excellent and is built to last with premium materials. The steaming functionality works extremely well and is sure to please any owner.

Currently, the best place to buy the HAAN Steam Mop in US is Amazon. They usually offer a good discount.​

Top Rated Steam Mop Reviews

Steam Mop Brands

What to Look for In a Good Steam Mop

  • Weight. You should consider the weight of the steam mop that you are going to buy. A few steam mops have a huge reservoir that makes it heavier and bulky. This will make it hard to handle and use in day-to-day life without any hesitation or frustration. However, huge water tank does not need to be refilled regularly that is a very important factor. You can easily move the small steam mop that is lightweight and portable.
  • Type of Mop Head and Size. You can easily maneuver the steam mops with smaller and sleeker mop heads. You can easily move it from one place to another easily without any hesitation or frustration. Some of the steam mop comes with a swiveling mop head that can be easily controlled.
  • Brand. You should select which manufacturer you are going to settle with. This will help you to get the quality and best product that is available on the market today. You need to do a little research before making your final decision. This is one of the important things that you should consider when you are reading the steam mop reviews.
  • Indicator Lights. It is one of the best features that should be in the steam mop that you select. It should indicate the water is at which temperature. It will also say whether your steam mop is overheating. This will be a very useful feature that you can expect in a steam mop.
  • Additional Attachments. You will get a lot of additional attachments when you buy a steam mop. It should include a wide variety of tools that are useful for you. You may get common attachment tools such as a swiveling mop head, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning tools, removing lint from clothing and other small attachments.

Your Turn

We have done the hard work, now it is up to you to decide which model is right for you. All of these floor cleaners have shown to work to perfection, but some do come with nifty features that make your cleaning job a little easier.​

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