Bissell 31N1 Deluxe Steam Mop Review

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Bissell 31N1 Deluxe Steam Mop

In the modern era of today, the steam mops have become the perfect alternative for a modern mother. A steam mop allows you to avoid the use of a separate mop and a water bucket. Steam mops are helping everyone to effectively remove germs, dirt and scuffs from hard floors without the use of any chemical residue. Bissell Homecare International 31N1 Deluxe Steam Mop has gained a lot of popularity due to its effective cleaning of floors. Bissell 31N1 Deluxe is economical to use, you can keep your home floors clean without making any extra effort.

Overview of Features

Bissell 31N1 Deluxe has abundant features which fascinate many people who like to clean their floors in an operative manner. The key feature of this amazing steam mop is its head aptitude to swivel 360 degrees, which helps the people to clean effortlessly and contentedly. This exceptional feature makes it better than all the available steam mops like Shark, Eureka and many more in the market nowadays. The benefit of Bissell 31N1 swivel mop head is that it consents the people to make it go around furniture and under cabinets during moping, which mostly some steam mops don’t do.

The inimitable and sophisticated design of Bissell 31N1 Deluxe attracts more consumers towards it. The Shark Steam Mop was receiving a lot of grievances due to its obnoxious and fragile robustness. The sale of Bissell 31N1 Deluxe is moderately more than any steam mop available in the market due to its resilient and substantial design. It has a total weight of 7 lbs. which makes it a frivolous steam mop and moreover easy to prod and maneuver. It also comes with two eco-friendly microfiber pads, which can be used to attach with a mop. Superfluous reusable microfiber pads can also be bought from the market at an economical price.​

Pros and Cons


  • It is completely noiseless during cleaning of floors, which allows the people to clean their floors also when their children are napping.
  • The swivel head of Bissell 31N1 Deluxe, makes it swivel 360 degrees, which consents it to move around furniture and under cabinets.
  • The water reservoir of this steam mop is detachable, a feature that most steam mops of today don’t have.
  • The microfiber pads are easy to attach and remove.
  • It has a unique filter, which will allow the user to not purify the water before the steam mop.
  • Ease of availability of spare parts in the market at an economical price.


  • It comes with a handle which is not easily adjustable.
  • The microfiber pads are too thin and are not very penetrable.
  • It has a short chord of just 18 feet.

Bottom Line

Consumers who are engrossed to buy an economical and easy to use steam mop today, should definitely go for Bissell Homecare International 31N1 Deluxe Steam Mop. The lustrous and stylish design of this amazing steam mop will surely help you clean your dirty floors straightforwardly and meritorious.​