Bissell 46B4 Steam Mop Review

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Bissell 46B4 Steam Mop

Steam mops have become an essential need for all the modern woman. A steam mop gives you a chance to mop and steam clean your hard floor both at the same time. Bissell 46B4 Steam Mop is an effective steam mop, which allows you to clean and steam mop your floors without using any chemical residue. Steam mops allow you to effectively remove scuffs from hard floors and make them germ-free. Bissell 46B4 Steam Mop by Bissell has gained a lot of admiration due to excellent ability to steam clean hard floors. It allows you to clean your dirty hard floors comfortably without doing any sort of extra effort.

Overview of Features

Bissell 46B4 Steam Mop is equipped with profuse features which have astonished vast dominance of people who are interested in cleaning their floors in an effective manner. The major feature of this steam mop by Bissell is its head capability to swivel 360 degrees, which allows the users to clean under their furniture effortlessly and contentedly. There are many steam mops available in the market of various companies like Shark, Eureka, Han and many more, which does not have the capability to clean under the furniture. It has a sophisticated and sleek design, which mostly steam mops of various companies don’t have. Sale of Bissell 46B4 Steam Mop is comparatively more than all the other companies steam mops available in the market. It comes with two replaceable microfiber pads, which are eco-friendly and a removable water tank.

People can also buy extra microfiber pads from the market. The total weight of this steam mop is 7 lbs. which makes it easy to carry. It only uses water to steam clean your hard floors, which means that you will not have to purchase any expensive chemical residue. The steamer in this steam mop heats up rapidly and starts producing steam. The removable water tank allows you to easily refill it with water.

Pros and Cons


  • This steam mop by Bissell is completely noiseless as compared to other steam mops of various companies available in the market.
  • The 360 degrees swivel capability of the head of this steam mop allows the users to comfortably clean under furniture.
  • The removable water tank of this steam mop, allows you to easily refill it.
  • Microfiber pads easily removable for cleaning.
  • Enhanced water purification system in the steam mop will allow you to avoid purification of water before putting it in the water tank of steam mop.
  • Comes with a long wire length of 30 feet


  • A sturdy handle of this steam mop is not easily adjustable.
  • Short life of micro pads

Bottom Line

Patrons who are enthralled to buy an inexpensive steam mop should definitely go for Bissell 46B4 Steam Mop. The glistening and elegant design of this incredible steam mop will surely help you clean your dirty floors more appropriately. The ease of availability of spare parts of this steam mop by Bissell also makes it more valuable.