Hoover WH20100 Review

Steam Cleaner Reviews


The Handheld Steam cleaners have gained a lot of popularity among people in the past few years, due to its proficient cleaning capability without any extra effort. The cost of the handheld steam cleaners is also comparatively less than the canister type steam cleaners available in the market for various cleaning purposes. Hoover WH20100 handheld steam cleaner made by Hoover Steam Mop Company has made an innovation in the home cleaning appliances. It is a remarkable handheld steam cleaner which allows the consumer to clean their hard surface floors and kitchen counters in an eminent manner. It is a cleaner which is specially made for lightweight cleaning purposes.

Overview of Features

Hoover WH20100 handheld steam cleaner is packed with abundant features, which a consumer of today requires in its handheld steam cleaner. Customers who are interested in cleaning surfaces like windows, pillows, upholstery and many other types of surfaces can easily select this Hoover WH20100 handheld steam cleaner for these purposes. It is available in the market at a cost-effective price as compared to the other company’s handheld steam cleaners. It helps you to make your hard surface floors 99.9% germs free. The twin tank system will allow the consumer to clean hard surface floors with only steam or by both steam and disinfectant solution. It is a handheld steam cleaner which is portable and easy to use by the consumer.

Hoover WH20100 handheld steam cleaner comes with a host of tools which the user can use for multiple types of cleaning purposes. The twin water tanks of this handheld steam cleaner by Hoover Company are easily removable. It is equipped with a built-in water purification system which purifies the water before converting it into steam. The enhanced heating system of this steam cleaner heats up the water instantly and gets it ready for cleaning. Spare parts of this handheld steam cleaner are naturally available in the market. The microfiber pads of this steam cleaner are easy to clean, which makes them reusable for several times. It is a lightweight handheld steam cleaner made by Hoover Company for multiple cleaning purposes. Its pressurized cleaning helps the consumer to clean efficiently and effortlessly. You are also able to steam clean your clothes with this amazing handheld steam cleaner.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a portable and lightweight handheld steam cleaner
  • Its twin water tanks are easily removable
  • Its built-in heater converts water into steam in a short period
  • Spare parts of this handheld steam cleaner like microfiber pads are easily available in the market
  • It is a small price handheld steam cleaner


  • The pressure of the steam is not controllable
  • It comes with a short length connecting wire

Bottom Line

After reviewing Hoover WH20100 handheld steam cleaner, it is strongly recommended to the people who are in search for portable and lightweight handheld steam cleaners for multiple cleaning purposes. This handheld steam cleaner made by Hoover Company comes at a reasonable price, which is the fundamental reason for its popularity among people.