J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer Review


Jiffy J-2

When we want to talk about really reliable and high-quality steamers our conversation always goes to Jiffy's J-2. If you are in need of a great steamer that won't give you any trouble and that is easy to use J-2 is the way to go. Coming from well known, highly respectable American manufacturer Jiffy, this steamer doesn't need too much of introduction.

Jiffy is really proud of their products because they like to make them be bold and helpful, without any shiny and quirky features that no one really needs them. When we think about steamers we think about an easy and quick way to un-wrinkle our clothes whether you need if for your important meeting our you need to be at the office as soon as possible. Plain and simple, J-2 focuses on that.


Like we said earlier, simple design and lightweight body will ease your pain when looking at wrinkled suit you planned to take for a spin. Since steamers are getting more and more popular people like to have a full package. And J-2 really has it, but for now, we will focus on its most noticeable features that every high-quality steamer should have.

  • Water tank - Even though every steamer has a respectable water tank, Jiffy J-2 just the most steam. With a 1 gallon of capacity, J-2 will be a fully functional steamer for a whole 2 hours. Just imagine what you can do in full 2 hours. You could straighten your whole wardrobe! But, joke aside. We were really happy when we saw that big jug of water on J-2.
  • Power - When talking about the power, there isn't much we could say that will make it any less powerful. This thing has a nice kick. With 1300 watts of pure steaming power your clothes will be straight and ready for anything. We don't think that J-2 has any rivals.
  • Materials - With all that power there is a need for an extremely durable and sturdy design. Fortunately, Jiffy is well known for their care about the functionality of their products so they made J-2 out of aluminum that is both durable and lightweight.
Jiffy J-2 with Suit


  • Fast heat up - Steamers need to be ready when we want them to be. In a time of hurry, you don't have the luxury to wait for more than you need before you can start using your steamer. With J-2 that won't be a problem. Jiffy J-2 will be ready to use in about 2 minutes just in time to sip on your coffee before you head out to work.
  • Easy refilling - If you by any chance forget to refill it in time don't worry. J-2 has a special mechanism that will make water refilling a child's play.
  • Easy to use - Since it is lightweight and really thin, J-2 can be used by anyone. You can even teach your kids to use them, but please be careful because safety always comes first.
  • Product Warranty - Unlike other manufacturers, Jiffy really believes in their products. Because of that, they offer a 3-year warranty for J-2.

Bottom line

J-2 Jiffy Garment Steamer is a piece of art when it comes to great steamers. Even though some users noted that it can get a bit hot when using it, that is something common for steamers and if used properly this "disadvantage" is not that relevant. Overall, the majority is more than happy with it and we think so will you. Even though this steamer is graded as a premium product, the service you get for the price is really outstanding.