McCulloch MC-1275 Review

Steam Cleaner Reviews


Have you ever wanted to clean your home without the use of any chemicals? That is the great thing about steam cleaners like the McCulloch MC-1275. Steam cleaners like these use steam as a replacement to chemicals to dig out the dirt that hides in the tough to find areas or your floor and carpet. This steam cleaner will heat up a tank of water to the point of producing steam, and then send that steam straight into your floor to blast away all of the dirt on it. There won’t be any more harsh chemicals being splashed down on your carpet whenever you need to clean. Of course, you must remember that you are blasting out hot steam, so care must be taken when using the McCulloch to not point it in the wrong direction.


  • Chemical free cleaning
  • Handle is easy to maneuver
  • 10 accessories included in package


  • It takes time to build steam pressure
  • No on/off switch. Need to plug in to start the machine up

With a lot of these steam cleaners, there is one big question people ask… how long can I use the cleaner before refilling it? With the McCulloch MC-1275 you are given a 50-ounce tank, so it will last an hour before having to be refilled. This is a great amount of time. You may need that time, though. Unfortunately, while you do get a great amount of pressure from the steam, it isn’t on the same level as some of the other steam cleaners. If you are really looking to get down deep into your carpet, you may have a hard time with this one.

Now, how far can it reach? With a 12-foot power cable you are going to be able to handle a lot of space. That coupled with 1500W of power will give you the power to hit a good portion of the dirt and stains you are trying to clean up. You don’t have to just limit yourself to floors with steam cleaners. You can clean up grease, grills, outdoor furniture, and anything else that has issues being cleaned with chemicals like you would with a normal carpet cleaner.

Bottom Line​

So is the McCulloch MC-1275 worth it? It is to a point. As mentioned before it isn’t powerful enough to dig deep into carpet and get every spec of dirt, or get some of the strongest stains. But if you are just looking to take care of normal cleaning without the use of chemicals, this steam cleaner will work great. There are certainly more powerful cleaners out there, but for the price you are getting this at you aren’t going to do that much better. Recommended.​