Rowenta IS9100 Review


Rowenta IS9100

For all those who didn't know, and there are really few of them Rowenta is a German manufacturer that has been a European powerhouse for a long time. They are well-known for their genius and successful inventions regarding home appliances. One of those great products is IS9100.

This amazing steamer is all you need when it comes to un-wrinkling your clothes whether you are getting ready for a business meeting our you plan to go out with friends. There always needs to be the urge to be the best version of yourself wherever you go. This product was made to help you out with the little time you have and it will do the job like a professional.


  • Dimensions - Rowenta IS9100 is really good for smaller places because it doesn't take too much of your living space. It can fit behind any door or in your closet. Even though it would be good to have it in some safe space, anywhere is good. The lightweight of this steamer will make it more movable and you won't strain too much to place it in the room of your choosing. Overall, this steamer is great and unnoticeable when stored.
  • Engine - Packing a 1550 Watt of pure power, IS9100 will be ready to destroy all wrinkles off your clothes in no time. Even though it is powerful, you won't have to worry about your safety. We can say it is a monster behind a pretty face. But, jokes aside, this steamer will be the only thing you will ever need.
  • Water tank - This steamer comes with the tank that can store up to 1 gallon of tap water, which means you won't have to do any extra preparing before you start using it.


  • Warranty - Right off the bat we will start with this. Warranty is really important to us and we like to have it. We believe that even though the product is extremely durable and sturdy, you never know when something might happen. Fortunately, Rowenta knows what their customers want and they are giving us 1-year warranty for this bad boy.
  • Fast Heat Up - Unlike other steamers, IS9100 is ready to go in under a minute. If you are in a hurry and need to leave the house, like now, then IS9100 will make that possible.
  • Working time - We mentioned before the good thing about having a larger water tank, but with this one, you will be able to use your steamer for a really long time. To be more exact, approximately 2 hours of nonstop work is what this steamer has to offer. This means you won't be refilling your water tank every few minutes for new fresh steam.
  • Accessories - One of the great things we like about this steamer is additional parts. To be more precise with IS9100 you get on-board tool storage compartment which includes all kinds of fabric, upholstery, lint brush, and crease attachments. This can't get any better.

Bottom line

Even though some customers noted that steamer would produce less steam the more you use it (after few years) the solution was to clean it removing all scale that gathered inside after a while. All in all, after detailed cleanup steamer, works as intended. Overall, if you are looking for a great and reliable steamer IS9100 is a way to go.