Shark Press and Refresh GS500 Review

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Shark Press and Refresh GS500

The Shark Press and Refresh GS500 is the first portable garment steamer that offers professional steam power as well as a vertical steaming board. Featuring the "Wrinkle Eraser" feature, this unit is ideal for removing wrinkles and unwanted creases off both heavy fabrics as well as delicate fabric. With a huge array of accessories, this steamer works to cater to all your needs during steaming. Read our GS500 garment steamer review to find out what makes this clothes steamer different from others.


  • Exclusive patented Wrinkle Eraser
  • Eliminates the need for an ironing board
  • Vertical Press Pad makes creates vertical ironing board anywhere
  • Professional steam power in a portable hand-held garment steamer
  • Runs on a power of 1580W
  • Ultra long power cord length of 15 ft
  • Water tank capacity of 6.5 oz
  • Starts up within a minute
  • Multiple accessories for all kinds of fabric


The Shark GS500 is a portable hand-held garment steamer, however, it is slightly different from a typical hand-held steamer. Unlike regular fabric steamers which utilize only steam to remove wrinkles from garments, this model incorporates the use of both steam and pressure through pressing to outdo its competitors when it comes to removing wrinkles.​

Using its exclusively patented Wrinkle Eraser feature, the steamer can remove wrinkles with ease and create crisp creases. This is the first portable hand-held steamer that supports pressing of clothing! On top of that, the device comes with a convenient vertical ironing board that not only can be always kept out of sight but eliminates the need for a bulky and trouble ironing board.​

Capacity and Run Time Per Refill​

This unit has a water tank of 6.5 oz that allows steaming continuously for up to 15 minutes.

​Power and Start-Up Speed

The unit runs with a power of 1580W and has a start-up speed of about 1 minute. While the Shark GS500 clothes steamer is a hand-held one, do not be mistaken because it is by no means inferior to standing garment steamers as it's able to provide professional steam power!

​Equipped with the unique "Wrinkle Eraser" feature, the unit heats up to 212F and is ready to use in 60 seconds getting 320F after 2 minutes. The high working temperature makes the steamer capable and ideal for removing wrinkles from heavy garments such as denim and wool. That said, it works just as well on delicate fabrics and has included accessories to provide extra protection to them.

To add on, while the unit is excellent at what it does, it does not come with an auto shut-off mechanism when the water runs out. This means that you have to be more cautious and remember to switch off the device after usage.​

Included Accessories​

Unlike most hand-held or even standing garment steamers which come with one or two attachments, the Shark Press and Refresh GS500 comes with several accessories and here’s an overview of what they are for.​

Vertical Press Pad

The largest and most important piece of accessory that comes with the garment steamer. The vertical press pad is 23.5”W X 47”L. made of 100% Polyester Microfiber and is designed to fit any door providing a surface for you to steam your garments on. The addon essentially acts as a vertical ironing board that can be hung behind doors using easily removable webbing bands. It eliminates the need to go through the hassle of taking out a bulky ironing board just to steam clothes only to put it back after use.

Another reason why the vertical press pad is so amazing is because it does not have to be removed from the back of doors and can serve as a permanent and easily accessible vertical ironing board that is ready at all times. In addition, the webbing bands are hung off the corners of the door and will not interfere with the hinges of the door or obstruct the closing of doors and are virtually out of sight when the door is closed.

8 Heat Protection Panels

If you are worried that steaming and ironing against your doors could damage it, don't worry because the steamer comes with 8 heat protection panels that can be slotted into pockets behind the vertical press pad. Not only can they absorb excess heat and steam, they also act to provide a firm surface for you to press your garment on.

Lint Brush Frame

Used to remove lint, pet fur, hair and other unwanted materials while at the same time remove wrinkles and undesired creases off a garment.

Bristle Brush Frame

Excellent for steaming heavier fabric such as denim and wool as the bristle brush improves penetration of steam by opening up stitches within the fabric without putting water marks.

Upholstery/Delicate Fabric Frame

Designed to be used with the upholstery or delicate steam bonnet for extra protection on delicate fabrics.

Upholstery Steam Bonnet

A unique shaggy piece of cloth material (similar to floor mats) that acts like fingers and can be attached to the unit in order to trap dust. Additionally, can be used to remove wrinkles and sanitize items such as car seats, sofa, curtains and more.

Delicate Steam Bonnet

A smooth piece of cloth that can be attached to the unit for providing an extra heat protection on delicate fabric. The bonnet works by allowing steam to pass through fibers to remove wrinkles and creases and at the same time provide a form of heat insulation from the Wrinkle Eraser itself (It is not necessary when steaming delicate clothing). Excellent on delicate materials such as chiffon, silk, sequins, embellishments and more.

2 Small Steam Bonnet

These honeycomb looking pieces of material can be attached to the unit and used to provide even distribution of steam and at the same time prevent condensation on your garments.

3 Detachable Velcro Clips

These velcro clips can be attached directly to the vertical press pad to help hold and position lightweight garment for easy steaming. These detachable velcro clips make it easier to steam hard to reach areas such as the sleeves, cuffs and collars by holding the garment in a comfortable position for easy reach.

Filling Flask

The unit is 11.5” (27cm) in height and while it should be able to fit under a sink, you may find difficulty trying to fit in under a tap when refilling water. This is where the filling flask comes in handy. It simply acts as a container that you can fill water under the tap with and afterward transfer into the garment steamer.

With a large array of accessories, it is normal to misplace one accessory or another. Thankfully, the manufacturer does sell individual accessories in case you need them.

Power Cord Length​

This Shark garment steamer has an absurdly long power cord length of 15ft, making it extremely easily to maneuver around with it as well as reach tall places with ease. The long power cord length means that if you intend on steaming household items such as drapes or bedding, there simply is no need to take them down for steaming and hang them again since it is easily within reach. However, while having a very long power cord has its advantages, it does have its disadvantages as well. The unit does not come with a retractable cord. In other words, you may find keeping and storage of the cord a little troublesome and have to be careful not to trip over it.

The unit offers you professional steam power at your fingertips, all at the greatest convenience. The vertical press pad can be always kept out of sight and does not obstruct doors. Also, unlike many portable and hand-held garment steamers, the usage of this unit is not restricted to only vertical and can be used horizontally.

Thankfully, many users have given feedback that this steamer does not drip or leak water during operation even when used horizontally, making the sanitizing or steaming of household items such as bedding, upholstery, pillows, car seats and other ones much easier.

Next, the compact size of the unit also makes it easily brought around on short vacations or business trips and can be easily stored in the bathroom sink or cabinet. On top of that, the unit comes with slip-resistant pads on the bottom and you do not have to worry it sliding off the bathroom counter or table when it is damp.

The only drawback of this portable hand-held garment steamer is that it is relatively heavier in comparing to other hand-held steamers. It weights 3.3lbs when fully filled with water and after prolonged usage, your shoulder and arms can get a little sore. The steamer is great for steaming a few pieces of garments, therefore we wouldn’t recommend to steam baskets of clothing.​


  • Vertical press pad makes steaming ultra convenient
  • Compact size makes storage of garment steamer painless
  • Comes with multiple accessories for all kinds of fabrics and uses
  • Works well on both delicate and heavy fabric
  • Heats up quickly within 1 minute
  • Save on your dry cleaning bills
  • Does not drip water


  • Does not have safety auto shut-off mechanism
  • Can be a little heavy
  • Non-retractable power cord
  • Water capacity can be bigger


Slightly expensive. This is one of the more popular hand-held garment steamers in the market. Despite being priced more expensively in comparing to other portable hand-held fabric steamers, this machine offers you something that its competitors cannot - a professional steam power in a hand-held steamer.

Bottom Line​

On top of that, it is the only portable steamer that incorporates both the use of steam and pressure to more effectively remove wrinkles as well as create crisp creases. The multitude of accessories that come with it also makes it suited for any ironing task that you throw at it, be it removing wrinkles of heavy fabric, or even sanitizing your car seats. It is also small and compact, making it handy for road trips and short business meetings. And the best part of all is that it does not drip water, unlike many other garment steamers.​

To give you a better idea of what this garment steamer can do, watch the video below​