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Steam Mop Buying Tips

Use of steam mop is much preferred compared to the wet style swiffer mop though it requires equal time but better cleaning can be done with a steam mop. Though they are much more costly in comparison to the non-electric mop, but it has gained a lot of popularity soon due to its performance, cleanliness and convenience which makes it an important tool.

Still, you need to move down on your knees and hands for cleaning corners, baseboards, and other tight areas, once you start using steam mop you would not like to prefer mop - pail routine.

There are two models of steam mop available in the market that have a single function, those with two sides- you can turn mop head and use the other side of cloth for cleaning and the other provides single side for cleaning. The more practical steam mop is double sided one as there is no need to unplug the device for changing cloth. All you need to do is to change the cloth to another side when it is dirty. The use, care and handling of all steam mop is same the only difference lays is in designing.

There is one other model of steam mop that provides with dual function- it consists of steam mop and another function is of scrubbing or sweeping. Keep this in mind that all of the electric mops are not steamers. There may be a little confusion regarding it while looking for various models but their features would help you out to decide which one is fit for you.

Handling & weight​

Some people find difficulty in the handling of steam mop but I find it quite easy due to swinging or wringing of the wet and heavy cotton floor mop without producing any back strain. Steam mop does not require a lot of effort unless the model with secondary function, heavy or bulky in design that adds weight.​

The size and position of water tank may affect the handling of steam mop. Take your own time to examine mop you are purchasing its features, lift, accessories and handling. Not all but most of them contain swivel heads that help to maneuver at the corners and around the cabinets.​

Cleaning ability and performance​

The comparison between various models becomes really difficult for consumers due to the list of an intensity of wattage or steam that is mentioned in certain models but not in all. For sanitizing the floor, a large amount of steam is needed which means higher the wattage better is the job.​

They differ in the manner of generation of steam and the number of bursts it evolves. If the entire mop pad is covered with steam it would help in doing its job. Some of the models produce steam continuously while some eject only while pumping. Some of them start controlling while some do not produce any effect over cleaning in between two designs.​

Best features​

You need to consider certain points apart from steam and power. The material used for making mop cloth and the way of placing it. They should be durable, thick, absorbent and easy system of attachment should be there.

Long cord can be easily handled. A variety of heads with different shapes would help in cleaning corners and large areas. Keep in mind the filling up of reservoir and size. Proper hole or hook would make it easy for hanging.​

In the case of low carpets, rug tray should be used that would clear all dust from the carpet. If you stay at height then adjustable handles are very important.​


There are steam mops that are available with a variety of shapes of mop head and replaceable clothes while some with just a single mop pad. Mop heads may be rectangular or triangular choice is yours; it helps you to get into the corners and cover a large area very soon.

More the accessories better the quality. For how much time mop cloth can be used depends on various factors. The best thing is to carry another cloth in hand. Examine all the accessories available while purchasing and do buy a spare mop pad if not included.


Steam mop not only takes less time but also requires less effort in comparison to the normal bucket and mop for cleaning many floors. Water pail to slop or trail, expensive or smelly cleansers, wringing or bending is not used. They require less space to store and need only water. I have not come across it still exception of the price that depends on upon the accessories and designs of a model. It is not easy to go ahead with a traditional system of washing floor after using a steam mop.

Maintenance and care of steam mop​

Before purchasing it go through all tips of using it as described by me so that you enjoy using it. It should not be used by young children due to its electrical nature and hot steam. While using it do wear shoes. Do not add any detergents to water tank as only water is advisable and do not plug in idle.

​Tips for consumer

While purchasing it due cost, you might prefer to purchase a warranty contract. There are lots of cons and pros that might help you to decide which one is better for you.

Go through the manual of the product as it contains important information regarding care, safety and use. It also provides a list of parts that can be replaced if required.​