Steam Mop: What Not To Do?

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Steam Mop Use

The price of some of the steam mops may be very high as they save a lot of time compared to bucket and mop system. They clean without any smell, spills, rinsing and needs less effort without bending or wringing the hand. Steam mops for floor should be handled with certain things that you can do for it.

Do not plug in the steam mop before placing the mop head

Steam mop acquires quick heating due to which foot of the mop becomes very hot in case if you are planning to place the cloth while heating is going on. If the steam mop is in use, then handling of wet mop head becomes very difficult as there is a risk of shock. Take your own time for placing the head of mop, filling up the reservoir with water and unwinding the cord before plugging steam mop. Plugging should be the end of the procedure. If filling of a reservoir is required at the time of cleaning then unplug steam mop before filling.

Steam mop should not be idled

Now you are prepared for cleaning the floor and plugging is done into an outlet. Do not leave steam mop idle may be whatever the case is while heating is going on whether you need to do some work or someone is there at the door or even if the phone is ringing. In case of steam mop heat is generated very fast and in certain models, it is done within few seconds, so if it is left idle for long it would heat up and supply steam to the area where it is kept. If your mop is well prepared for use then plug it but in case if you need to do some work then first unplug it and then plug it again after doing work. When cleaning is to be done in another room then do the same again plug steam mop after preparing the room.

Do not forget to vacuum

In case if you skip sweeping or vacuuming of the floor and proceed further for steam mopping, as it would be able to clear any type of the surface dirt like dirt, hair, dust, crumbs, sand or maybe the hair of the pet. It may be proved to be fairly good, as it would produce dirt mess and mess the floor, even steam mop would not be able to work properly in such a case it would just be like washing up of the window using dirty cloth. In order to clean up the floor changing of mop head might be needed.

Do not add anything else in the water tank other than water

The designing of a steam mop is done in such a manner that nothing else other than water can be used. Steam itself can do a great cleaning of the floor without using any type of expensive or smelly detergents.

Do not clean the floor using dirty mop head

In case if you have a big area of the floor and not the single room, tempting can be done to keep cleaning the floor and avoiding dirt over mop cloth. But keep checking once at a time if mop cloth needs to be changed. But before changing cloth do unplug steam mop. Cleaning of the floor using dirty cloth may spread dirt over the floor as described in the third item. It is good to carry more than one spare cloth simply in hand.

Do not make use of steam mop over the unsealed floor

The designing of a steam mop is not done in a way such that it can be used over unsealed laminates, floor and wood. The floor in which mop has to be used should not have lifting corners over adhesive tiles or hot water. Steam provides a lot of moisture that makes the wood composite swell. But it does a fairly good job in case of sealed surfaces like vinyl, ceramic tiles, laminates, woods, and vinyl tiles.

On your own risk, it may be used as a wall washer

Using steam mop as a wall washer is not bad, hot steam generated by mop allows the bubbling of paint, and then it is either lifted up or peeled off. Make use of steam mop over the walls only if you are planning for repainting. In case if you are planning to wash your car with it then there is a great risk and repainting of a car is very costly.

Do not store mop with wet or dirty cloth

Storing of the steam mop with the wet cloth may result in the growth of mildew and it would spoil cloth head. The cloth should be removed after the mop is cooled. You may place a neat cloth if you are prepared for using it another time when required. The dirty cloth should be laundered soon so that all stains are removed easily that might settle down.

Enjoy it - and there is no need to be afraid

Though steam mop is much different from what you used to use yet there is no need to be afraid of using as it simply needs care. In case if you receive it as a gift then simply open the box and go through the brochure for using it. You would experience that washing floors with a steam mop is something good and will make it your new friend. You would not regret the task of washing floor any longer as it would become very easy for you.