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Use Steam to Clean Smarter, Not Harder

With so many steam cleaners out there, it's hard to know which one to choose. We make the tough choices and offer only the best steam cleaners available, so you can confidently select the steam cleaner that's right for you.​

Benefits of getting a steam cleaner​

  • Powerful steam cleans, freshens, and sanitizes surfaces for the ultimate clean
  • Hot steam kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites, including e.coli and salmonella
  • Clever designs offer innovative features, expert functionality, and unrivaled performance
  • Save time and money - clean faster with no drying time and no harsh chemicals to buy

Let's have a look at the top steam machines brands available on the market nowadays.


Shark logo

Shark steamers will revolutionize your cleaning routine, giving you a spotless home from top to bottom. From floor mops to portable steamers, Shark's steam cleaners use patented technology to deliver impressive results. Instantly dissolve sticky messes, remove stains, and eliminate germs, for a perfectly clean, sanitized home.

  • Steam sanitizes surfaces to eliminate germs and bacteria, without toxic cleaners
  • Superheated steam melts away messy spills, stubborn stains, and more
  • Steam evaporates instantly, leaving surfaces clean and dry in just seconds
  • Lightweight steam cleaners are easy to maneuver throughout your home

From the bathroom to kitchen, hardwood floors to tile and tubs, you'll love the unparalleled steam cleaning power of Shark steamers.


Haan logoHaan brings the incredible power of steam into your home for a natural way to clean, sanitize, and freshen almost any surface. The clever designs of Haan steam cleaners offer a greener approach to cleaning, giving you a healthier home and more time for living. Haan is the #1 name in steam cleaning worldwide, and you’ll see why – trust Haan for superior steam-cleaning results every time.

Haan brings the incredible power of steam into your home for a natural way to clean, sanitize, and freshen almost any surface. The clever designs of Haan steam cleaners offer a greener approach to cleaning, giving you a healthier home and more time for living. Haan is the #1 name in steam cleaning worldwide, and you'll see why - trust Haan for superior steam-cleaning results every time.

Haan steamers are expertly designed using superior quality materials and stringent manufacturing practices. In your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or workshop, from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between, there's a Haan steam cleaner for every surface in your house.

  • Floor Steamers - Clean and sanitize floors, carpets, and more with Haan's worldwide best-sellers
  • Garment Steamers - Effortlessly remove wrinkles and freshen fabrics throughout your home
  • Multi-Surface Steamers - Clever designs and attachments tackle your toughest cleaning jobs

Get rid of your messy mop and bucket and put away your clunky ironing board. Haan offers durable, superior-quality steamers that make it easier than ever to clean, sanitize, and freshen your entire home.


mcculloch logoMcCulloch heavy-duty steam cleaners are a must-have for your garage or workshop. These innovative steamers are designed to tackle the toughest messes on everything from engines to upholstery, BBQ grills to golf clubs, chrome details to patio furniture. Cleaning with powerful steam is safe, easy, and effective – you’ll eliminate grease, stains, odors, and germs using only water, so you can stop cleaning with harsh, damaging chemicals.

McCulloch multi-purpose steamers are portable, affordable, and will make every surface in your garage, shop, and beyond sparkling clean in no time flat.


SteamFast logo

Steamfast steam cleaners are designed to offer the most innovative, effective features at the most affordable prices. Cleaning with steam is the ideal solution for any home because steam eliminates dirt, stains, and bacteria using only safe, natural water.

  • Steamfast floor steamers easily remove stuck-on messes and leave floors sparkling clean
  • Steamfast garment steamers powerfully yet gently remove wrinkles and freshen fabrics
  • Steamfast multi-surface steamers cleverly clean and sanitize your home from top to bottom

From dirty floors to dingy bedding, sticky countertops to scummy bathroom tiles, the Steamfast line of steam cleaners does it all. You'll be amazed at the effortlessly beautiful results!


Oreck Logo

The Oreck Steam-It steam cleaner goes where no steamer has gone before! The Oreck Steam-It uses an innovative pressurized "dry" steam system to dissolve dirt, eliminate germs, and clean your home from top to bottom. The one-of-a-kind Oreck Steam-It is a versatile steamer that easily cleans from floor to ceiling. Effortlessly remove dirt, spills, and stains from virtually every surface in your home.

  • The unique, pressurized vapor chamber lets you clean without spills, even upside-down
  • Light, portable design and 16 ft. cord easily reaches any surface, from countertops to cabinets
  • The controls are at your fingertips, so you can operate the Steam-It without bending or leaning
  • Converts ordinary tap water into 212° low-moisture steam in just 30 seconds
  • Reaches high above the floor to clean drapes, crown moldings, and ceiling fans
  • Cleans and rejuvenate carpets and rugs with the specially-designed powerhead
  • Refreshes pillows, mattresses, and bedding, and eliminate upholstery stains
  • Sanitizes kitchen counters, sinks, and appliances, killing common germs and bacteria

Steam cleaning is the fastest, safest way to clean your home because you eliminate dirt, bacteria, and stains without harsh, toxic chemicals. The Oreck Steam-It takes the steam cleaning revolution to the next level with a lightweight, portable design that quickly, easily, and safely cleans and sanitizes every surface of your home. It's never been so easy to get your home floor-to-ceiling clean.


vapamore logo

The Vapamore® MR-100 Vapor Steam Cleaning System is the ultimate in versatile steam cleaning. This multipurpose vapor steam cleaner brings the professional cleaning power of steam to your home, so you can clean and sanitize without harsh chemicals. The Vapamore® complete vapor steam cleaning system provides an unsurpassed deep-clean for virtually every surface of your home, garage, and beyond.

  • Vapor steam uses only tap water to sanitize, deodorize, remove stains, and dissolve dirt
  • Chemical-free steam is safe for people with allergies and beneficial to indoor air quality
  • Dry, high-temperature vapor steam cleans even the tightest spaces and dries instantly
  • Large capacity tank provides up to 50 minutes of continuous steam cleaning power
  • Tackle your whole house, from floor to ceiling in the kitchen, bathroom, and beyond

The Vapamore® Vapor Steam Cleaning System utilizes the best features of high-priced commercial steam cleaners, producing the optimal clean from an affordable home unit. Created for quick, effective home use and endless cleaning possibilities, the Vapamore® Vapor Steam Cleaning System easily tackles every imaginable cleaning problem.

Dirt Devil

Dirt devil logo

You know Dirt Devil for their superior quality vacuum cleaners, but you'll also love the new Dirt Devil Easy Steam line of steam mops and accessories. These innovative floor steamers absorb messy spills, scuffs, and stains and using only tap water, leaving floors sparkling clean and dry.

  • The Dirt Devil Easy Steam is ready to blast through floor messes in just 30 seconds
  • The Easy Steam Deluxe easily moves from hard floors to carpets with the Carpet Glide
  • Easy Steam Microfiber Pads are washable, reusable, and super-absorbant
  • Easy Steam Shaggy Dust Pads are ideal for picking up dirt, dust, pet hair, and more

With sturdy construction and innovative features, the Dirt Devil Easy Steam floor mops and accessories will soon become your favorite way to get brilliantly clean floors, effortlessly.