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what is a steam mop

Steam mop, an electric gadget can be used to clean and sterilize hard and sealed floor utilizing water and no extra detergents or cleaners. Distilled or demineralized water should be used in order to protect this device.

While cleaning, water is filled up in a small reservoir and when either handle of the mop is pumped or button of steam is pressed water is heated up to boiling. Due to this steam is generated that flows out through the removable cloth of floor cleaning pad. The floor dries up soon due to the formation of steam.​

Though there are certain exceptions related to heavy models or dual functions, use of steam mop is much simpler in comparison to regular bucket and mop for cleaning the floor as it requires less of work. For the proper cleaning of the floor, it is necessary to keep changing the pads of the mop when required.

Sanitizing of your floor would help you to be away from germs and bacteria, it depends upon the steaming capabilities of mop if it is designed in such a manner that it provides enough steam vents and generate sufficient amount of steam for doing a proper job. Thus, steam mops differ from one another depending upon the effectivity of fabric of mop head, its ability to hold and pick up the dirt, performance and handling, thereby giving smear free and clean floor.

Do consider the notes of manufacturer regarding the cleaning of the floor using the steam mop. The steam mop can be used on different hard and sealed surface floors till it is not unused.​

The rate of steam mop varies due to different temperatures, designs, and accessories.​